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Co entrepreneurship

Salt refining plant in Paraguay

A Paraguayan entrepreneur was importing salt from Argentina as a salt trader. Our proposal was to add more value to the product through a salt refinery (8 T/h). By supporting the client from the beginning he obtained financing from local bankers and UNICEF (salt iodation). It was in 1996, today the factory operates successfully.


Integral advisory service

Salt refining plant in Cameroon

The investor contacted us for the implementation of a salt refining plant (20T/h) in Cameroon. He was supported from the project inception with the design of the factory taking into account the nature of the raw salt supply alternatives. We also conducted the business model to present to financiers. In 2002 the factory started. 


Co inversion

Cacao processing factory in Ghana

All started with the presentation of a business plan by the Ghanaian investor. We co invested in a cocoa bean to liquor processing plant starting in 2007. Once the business was consolidated we defined the exit strategy as investors. Today, the group is among the five largest companies of cocoa in Ghana.


Project “a la carte”

Ice cream production  

Our Egyptian customer wanted to install an ice cream factory. He also required formulating the recipes of different flavours and mixings, the training of local staff and the provision of extracts of flavours with some regularity. Today, it is a successful plant that produces 5000kg / h. 


Grasp the opportunity!

Line to process tuna in Mauritania

The client requests us a plant for cutting and dull the tuna in jars of 250gr and 500 gr. We detect a good opportunity to purchase a used line with a nominal capacity of 5tons per shift. The agreement agreement includes the final product off-take which is sold in European markets. 


Create your own business

Case of Chocolate factory

Several chocolate factories have been established in various countries. The idea: design, process and sell your own chocolate. We supply the bulk chocolate under your specific recipe to be melted, moulded and wrapped in a special processing line. It can be provided any melting capacity from 400 kg / hr.